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Differences between functional nutrition and cellular

Cellular and functional nutrition: what’s the difference? Those who are interested in the principles of healthy eating have probably come across such concepts as functional and cellular foods. Often there is confusion in these terms, but in reality everything is simple. And today we will deal with this once and for all. Functional nutrition: what…

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About the Swiss brand Vivassense, manufacturer cellular nutrition Fill your life with health and energy in 6 weeks with innovative Vivassense biopastes Vivassense is a modern manufacturer of cellular nutrition in the form of biopastes. Brand products restore normal metabolism, saturate the body with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and help in the fight against…

How to improve thyroid function

!!!The purpose of bioactive pastes is to make the body always full of strength and energy. And all this is possible thanks to an active and healthy lifestyle, a cheerful state of mind and proper nutrition. B&B Vita appreciates an integrated approach to the human condition, therefore the bio-pastes developed by it combine the philosophy of a healthy lifestyle.